We met in November of 2011; I “hot listed” Barry, and he sent me a message almost right away. I broke every rule I had for myself, he asked me to hang out the following night and I said yes… normally, I would not have done so on such short notice. But, this was not the first time Barry and I had spoken; maybe 1 or 2 years prior, we both clicked on each other’s profile as a potential match, and began to talk on JDate and Facebook, it was short lived as he was busy and I was still in grad school in another state. Every now and then, when I would log in, his profile would flash across my screen, and I would get annoyed that he disappeared, but something told me not to forget him entirely.

Fast forward to sometime later, both of us having had our share of dates and even a few relationships from JDate, and going on and off the website, we finally reconnected. I couldn’t be happier to have broken my rules with him, from being the one to “hot list” him first and agreeing to go out with him on short notice to our first date at a local townie bar (Barry will say our first date was the next time we hung out, and this was just a “hang out”), everything was different with us. We actually found out that one of his friends had been in a long-term relationship with my cousin! We like to believe we were meant to be, and the universe wanted us to meet.

We moved in together in 2012, just under a year of knowing each other, and got engaged soon after, exactly after one year of dating – Barry proposed on the beach in Costa Rica while watching the most beautiful sunset. On April 6, 2014 we got married in what was the most perfect wedding; it took place in at The Liberty House in Jersey City, NJ overlooking the Hudson River and the NYC skyline. Then we honeymooned in Hawaii.  We have the fondest feelings toward our boyfriend/girlfriend days, being engaged, and now our wedding. Although we both believe we would have found a way into each other’s lives, we have JDate to thank for bringing us together.  

Diana and Barry
Montclair, New Jersey

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