Dear JDate,

Rennie’s story: Dianne and I found each other through I liked the site because it didn’t only have photos – it provided the opportunity for members to post essays as well.’s essay questions allowed me to determine if someone was sharp, dull, spiritual, off-base, or even angry before contacting them, while other sites only asked “interest matching” questions like: “What’s your favorite color?” “What’s your favorite line from a movie or song?” I met several high quality people through

After our original contact through, Dianne and I met for coffee at Starbucks in July of 1998. It turns out that we lived just three blocks from each other. I had lived in my home for 22 years, and she had been in hers for 13. I used to jog by her house almost daily. What’s even more interesting is that I knew two of her cousins, one of her friends, and a couple of her clients and business associates – but we’d never met each other!

Two weeks after our first meeting, we were both out walking our dogs and bumped into each other at the park near our homes. In August, Dianne was attending a vacation camp in Santa Barbara, and I stopped to visit her on my way back form a business trip in San Louis Obispo. We had dinner and then walked and talked for five hours. We were engaged the following Valentine’s Day and were married in August 1999. She is the most incredible, fabulous, terrific, loving person I’ve ever known.

Dianne & Rennie
Encino, California

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