Did You Know?

…several of our very own JDate Success Stories are featured in media outlets around the world?!

The New York Times recently featured Lily and David’s JDate Success Story in an article about online dating. Lily told the newspaper that it was her mother who actually set up her JDate account and (in true JMom fashion) she even went so far as to arrange Lily’s first date with David. Click on the picture below to read the whole story!

Jena Cumbo

…that many of our Success Stories say their JMoms were the impetus for them to join JDate?

Several Success Stories say they wouldn’t have gone on to find love if their Jewish mothers had not urged them to join JDate:

  • Lindsay and Phil say they met thanks to their parents who separately thought it would be a great idea for each of them to join JDate.
  • Jonathan received a JDate membership as an early Channukah present from his parents, which led him to meet Rebecca.
  • Julia and Jason were brought together by JDate… and their JMoms! Desperate for him to find a nice Jewish girl, Jason’s mom bribed him to sign up for JDate by buying him a DVD player. After seeing how frustrated she was with the dating world, Julia’s mom bought her a 3-month JDate membership as a “gift.”


…many JDate Success Stories got engaged in unique ways?