From JDate to Wedding Date!

I had been on JDate for some time in hopes of meeting that special girl, but instead dating many girls – there was no one that hit my heart. I came home after a Saturday night date, checked JDate for the newest members, and there she was: great eyes, a nice smile, and a profile that intrigued me.

“Forever39” was her profile name. I responded to her and she quickly replied; she later told me that after talking to me, I was the only guy she replied to and she quickly pulled her profile, maybe the quickest match or shortest stay on JDate ever!

We met that Thursday, June 16 (our official first date) after having spoken every day. An immediate connection was felt, perhaps it was our initial embrace or our greeting kiss, perhaps even her touch, I’m still not sure but nonetheless, it worked.

After our date, on the drive home, I telephoned a friend and told him I had met a 10, a smart, funny and sexy girl and she seemed perfect for me!

Dina & Mark-JDate-4We began dating exclusively and after about six weeks, we went to Mexico to celebrate her new job and that’s when I asked her to marry me, or that’s what she thought I said when I replied “It doesn’t matter to me” when she asked “what I wanted to do for dinner” as we were on the balcony overlooking the ocean, a very romantic moonlit night. What she thought I said and what she heard was “Just Marry Me” and she was ready to jump to the pool below or run away as quickly as possible. It remains a funny story that has made us smile and laugh each and every time we re-tell it.

On her 40th birthday, at her surprise party, I really did ask her to marry me and she did indeed hear me correctly that time.

So, on September 14, 2014, with our family, our boys and our friends to be our witnesses, and while gazing into each other’s eyes in a picturesque setting, we said our vows, promising to be the one special person in each other’s life to protect, love, cherish and yes, annoy, forever.

So, JDate, you helped me meet a special young lady that I never ever would have met if it were not for you. We lived an hour apart, didn’t frequent any of the same social spots and we led completely different lives until June 12, 2011 when our future changed and our hearts suddenly became one.

Our wedding song was “I Choose You” and it could not have been a more appropriate song for us. Thank You Again, JDate DOES WORK!

Dina and Marc
New York, New York

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