Dear Gems from Jen,

A while ago, I received the most wonderful Flirt from an American guy. Unfortunately, I pointed out that I’m in Australia (Sydney) and I never got a reply to my message.  How and what do I say in a message to get him to reply to me? He’s probably married by now, but I would like to connect with him.

Dear Distance,

Responding to Flirts is part of the fun when using JDate; however, connecting with someone who lives across the globe can be incredibly difficult. Once this guy realized you lived across an ocean my best guess is he went back to his search.

With that said, go ahead and message him again.  You have nothing to lose. At the very least the two of you could become email friends. Let him know you found him interesting and you realize there is a great distance between the two of you, but you would be curious to find out more. If he does not respond then keep on searching. Your best bet is to look at profiles in your geographical area if you are serious about entering into a long-term relationship.  Good luck and keep me posted.

Gems from Jen