In a previous post I discussed the notion that most guys love bad girls. This has to do with many factors, including the visual apeal, sexuality, and fun personality most bad girls exhibit.

Today I would like to discuss one more aspect of the bad girl that men love.  I am referring to the perceived lifestyle of someone who is a bad girl.

Millions of girls out there are clingy at times, overly dramatic within a relationship, and create a lot of conflicts.

Bad girls often have the perceived image that they will not be hung up on every little thing you do.  They appear to have lives outside of online dating and plenty of other interests to keep them happy.  This is a turn on for many men when compared to the idea of a girl whose life revolves completely around a man.

When all is said and done, this can be very appealing.  Except of course, if you love being the focus of attention 24/7?

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