Do You Live The Life You Love?

Certain social stigmas are hard to break. Single as a lifestyle is still frowned upon by many, who believe that those who live it, whether by choice or circumstance, are irresponsible, non-committal or sometimes even desperate individuals.  This negative label is reinforced in modern media by the under-the-lens frivolous dramatization of reality television and the big screen –where life for single adults is stereotypically depicted as one big party.

Indeed there are good times but, just like married people, life presents a unique set of challenges and opportunities for single men and women as well.  And for those who live alone, the issues are much more significant than wondering whether or not the phone will ring. Managing priorities such as career, finances and home becomes a delicate balancing act when personal relationships, wellness and growth are added to the mix of things you must handle all on your own.

Society admires family men and soccer moms while marveling in how they do it all. There is no disputing that it’s well deserved admiration, but I personally am in awe of those who schlep groceries, pay bills and manage to get to the gym and work on time without the benefit of having someone by their side. Yes, single women may love shoes and cosmos too, but there comes a time in every single woman’s life when there are bigger questions that must be addressed. For me, a devastating robbery was the catalyst that forced me to confront the need to ensure my own safety as well as the security of my assets.

This particular event and my other single life experiences inspired me to launch – the first lifestyle destination for singles: women and men of all ages who have never been married as well as those who are divorced, solo parents or suddenly single. And now, a partnership with JDate is allowing me extend the dot com version of my vision into a real life event.

Live the Life You Love” is a lifestyle series starting this September at Saks 5th Avenue in New York that we hope to take nationwide. Each event will feature an expert-led panel discussion addressing a range of lifestyle issues from a single woman’s perspective.  The topics will be as vital as planning for your long-term health and security, and as life-changing as buying an apartment or starting a business in a sluggish economy. Our goal is to offer a fresh standpoint, some genuine advice and even some hands-on assistance that can help make the difference in your life.


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