Recently, I feel like I’ve come across several profiles where I could tell from the “About Me” section that the owners weren’t totally sold on the idea of online dating. Opening lines referring to how they feel “unsure” about online dating but had friends “push” them into it, or how they felt defeated or had given up on meeting someone “conventionally” and therefore decided to go online as a type of last resort raise a bright red-flag for me.

What lines or references like these tell me is that the person writing them isn’t totally committed to the concept of meeting someone online, which also makes me feel a little judged for being an active online dater. While this might not make a difference to some people I’m honestly put off by someone who seems to waiver on the idea of meeting someone online, and would much rather pursue conversations with people who I feel are completely comfortable with the online dating process.

Furthermore I get a little defensive since I have invested a lot of time and energy over the past several months in online dating, when someone joins the site and so openly questions the validity of online dating versus more conventional methods. In the end I completely understand and empathize with how initially joining an online dating site can be intimidating or feel a bit unnatural, but in my opinion if you are going to take the leap and join an online dating site, for whatever reasons or pretenses, you should go all in because I think a majority of people active with online dating are looking for someone who is as invested in meeting some as they are.