Another year, another Seder. 

Bring on the kreplach, maybe a holishke or two and don’t dare skip the tzimmes or your mother will go mad! Even if you’re a devout weight watcher, you’ll be so compressed with matzah by the end of the fress fest, you’ll vow to swear off JDate until the “I swallowed cement” feeling subsides.  

Before you do, I am here to remind all that redemption is only one component of the Passover story.  The holiday also commemorates the festival of spring which means, you guessed right, it’s dating season again. The weather is warmer, the people a little friendlier and you can expect the traffic to be at a seasonal high for online daters. 

So what does this mean for you? Well, unlike other cultures that celebrate the rebirth of the natural world at this time of year, for Jewish people it is a time for spiritual renewal. Now, clearly if the Red Sea could split in two, you can adopt a fresh new attitude. Here are some restore-and-renew tactics to help you get started back in the game for Spring:

Try to Control What’s in Your Cup: There’s an old Jewish adage which teaches us that a person’s character can be judged by three things: their pocket (generosity), their anger and their cup – and we’re not talking about the Manischewitz, people! As we head into the spring season there are plenty of happy hours and parties to attend, and maybe some potential dates, some date referrals and some first or second dates. One never knows who is watching or judging, so remember that too much liquor may spoil your chances, especially if you wind up sick or making a scene. So be sure to limit the number of cocktails you consume.   

Clean Out the (Emotional) Clutter: Cleaning out the chametz with a candle and feather may seem like an old ritual but there is more to it than simply removing forbidden foods from our homes. Passover is actually intended to be a spiritual journey in which we remove impurities of the soul, including bad behavior or unhealthy thoughts that can be damaging to your happiness. Take some time before the holiday to free yourself of the negative attitudes and doubts towards dating so you can start your spring search with a clean slate.

Don’t Be a Slave to Social Media: It’s easy to become addicted and affected by other people’s behaviors, especially when it’s an ex or crush that you may be following around the clock on Facebook.  Lord knows keeping such close tabs is not liberating. Starting this week, vow not to view the relationship status or profile pictures of anyone to whom you were once connected intimately – it’s unnecessary self-torture that only hinders you from moving forward.

Passover marks a new beginning and if you take the opportunity to approach it as such, a fresh spring fling may just turn into the summer romance for which you have been hoping.

!שמח חג

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  1. Our family Seder is our version of the Christmas family get together, as the number one topic is who I am dating (or not). I have learned that contrary to watching over what is in my cup, the more the better as it helps me tune out! Seriously, as we’ve all gotten older I have found that cousins etc have been kind in trying to set me up. Better than my grandaunt’s efforts!

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