There are a few traditions Jews have carried throughout the ages; among them the Seder meal and a sense of humor. JDate is celebrating this year’s Passover with the launch of the first-ever JDate Haggadah! Designed to be a simple, easy-to-use guide to the Passover Seder, the JDate Haggadah eBook gives practicing Jews all the info they need to host a complete Seder via tablet or smartphone – with a modern, kitschy twist.

Taking a fun and light tone (with a steady stream of punchy jokes), the JDate Haggadah presents all the important components of a traditional Seder dinner, including:

  • A “Chametz Lease Agreement”

Read all about lending Chametz to a friend when it’s time to remove all the bready goodness from your home. Giving up carbs definitely requires a formal agreement.

  •  The 4 Questions

In addition to laying out the traditional questions, the JDate Haggadah delves into a humorous look at the personalities of the four children. Who is the “Wicked Child” in your life?

  • The Story of Passover

Ever wonder what Moses’s JDate profile would look like? Just check out “GunsNMoses” or one of the other online dating profiles for Pharaoh, his daughter and the Slavemaster.

  • The Ten Plagues

In addition to outlining the historic ten plagues, this section also provides a funny, alternate “First World Problems” version of the ten plagues. Bieber Fever made the top 10, but not the top 5 (sorry Beliebers)!

Easy to read on your tablet or smartphone, you can download the JDate Haggadah today and share it with all of your friends and family in time for Passover. We suggest you do it today as it promises to be more fun than finding the afikomen!

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