As I was browsing JDate profiles this weekend, I noticed a running theme: “Down to earth.” Huh? What does this mean? Someone, anyone, explain please!

Who doesn’t consider themselves “down to earth?” I began to guess what the possible definition of this statement meant. Good listener, calm, go with the flow, non-type A personality? So many profiles advertised themselves with this phrase or asked that a potential match possess this so-called “down to earth” quality.

It seems so ambiguous to me. Why are people looking for potential life partners not being clear in what qualities they are really looking for? Would I consider myself “down to earth?” Sure, why not. It is so vague that anyone can categorize themselves as “down to earth.” My point is; know what it is that you want and know who you are. If you want a laid back person, who is willing to do anything at a moment’s notice, then use the word “spontaneous.” If you are a good listener, then by all means say that you are. If you are the opposite of a type A personality, let that be known in your profile.

By the way, what is the opposite of down to earth? I’d like to know just that.