In the seventh round of my fantasy football league’s draft, with a down payment to join that cost as much as a month’s membership on JDate, I picked the 1074th ranked wide receiver in the NFL. The only piece of news on him anywhere online was that he had stood up in a practice after being tackled, and he was cut before the season officially began.

While I definitely did not mean to pick Mike Willie (I’m pretty sure I’m the only person on who drafted him this season, and I completely blame my ineptitude with drafting technology), I ended up coming into the season winning my first game with a score of almost double what my opponent had. This was not thanks to Mr. Willie (who I have now dropped), but without making that stupid first pick I probably wouldn’t have picked the rest of my amazing team and been so careful afterward otherwise.

On NFL kickoff Sunday, my other open computer window, of course, was JDate. While sitting with two friends who are both in serious relationships, we decided I should go online and message all eight girls I don’t already know in Dallas. None were Mike Willies, but they were people I had not previously been drawn to-some were missing any information on their pages, some had one picture and nothing else, your typical “what do I do with this?” kind of profiles.

And yet, like my awesome quarterback Cam Newton, I threw some passes, and I’m hoping that some potential sleeper players pick up. Not everyone is going to be perfect on paper, and certainly no one is perfect in real life. So go take a chance as we begin both this new NFL season and this Jewish New Year, and maybe you’ll end up with some surprise hits, and hopefully not a Mike Willie.

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