You’re dating… it could be one person, it could be a couple of people, but it’s new… you go out with your friends and get tipsy… and you decide THIS would be the perfect time to call or text your latest date(s)… you make a complete fool out of yourself and then wonder why you’re still single the next time you find yourself out with your friends having a few drinks and taking out your phone. It’s a vicious cycle. DO NOT call or text a new date when you’re drunk. It’s just not going to turn out well. The date will either be offended by something you said or by the simple fact that you’re calling drunk at 2am… or the date will take you up on your offer of sexual favors and suddenly the relationship has gone down a different road. If you are truly looking for your Beshert then do not call or text your dates drunk. Dates that you take seriously and respect are not the ones you call drunk in the middle of the night… even if it’s to profess your love. Wait til you’re sober, it will mean more.

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