There are really great guys you date, and for whatever reason, things don’t work out. There are the monsieurs you manage to stay friends with after whatever dating debacle you happen to endure. Then there are the jerks you meet that have you wanting to bolt after you’ve said “hi.” Finally, the most mythical of the courting realm: the disappearing date. The one you meet, everything’s going rather swimmingly and then before you know it, you’re treading water by yourself again – back to square one, and searching for those other fish in the sea. So what gives? This black-magic born creature is incredibly suave, floating from conversation to kissing and back with the ease of some early-era born gent. He makes you feel at ease in the situation and just when you are completely satisfied with you first rate date performance, he completely vanishes into thin air, leaving nothing but a cell number. And clearly his phone is broken because he doesn’t ever return your messages and that can’t be right. So after you figure out that the cell phone provider is indeed the wrong target for all your frustrations, you find yourself back at square one, ready to go on another great date with some other fantastic variety of guy, and hoping that this one can’t hide behind various other forms of Cali camouflage. Or at least hoping that this time you won’t be eaten alive so easily. In fact, maybe this time, you’ll be the one to prey and play him. Evolution is a great thing, especially when it comes to dating Darwinism.