Dear JDate,

cont-mt-elise-perryPerry and I met through JDate approximately seven months ago. I happened to be browsing through the photos on JDate and came across his. He was very attractive to me, and I found his profile very amusing.

We set up a date to meet after a few phone conversations. We were both attracted to each other right away and decided to go right for dinner instead of having coffee as we had originally planned.

Both of us knew after that first date that we were compatible and would see each other again. We went out again the next night for dinner at a jazz club and shared our dessert. Perry proposed to me six months after we met on Delta airlines about a mile up in the air while we were traveling to New York City to meet my family. He proposed to me on his knee over the microphone at the front of the plane in front of all of the passengers. Afterwards, when I accepted, everyone clapped. I was extremely surprised and caught completely off guard since I was half asleep on the flight. After the excitement died down, the stewardess brought me over a glass of wine to celebrate, and I drank it, although it was only ten o’clock in the morning!!

We are getting married next August, 2005, in a mansion which looks like a castle outside of Philadelphia. and our mothers will meet this November for Thanksgiving dinner at our condo.

Thank you JDate!

Elise & Perry
Valley Village, California

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