Whatever It Is

Our story began in April 2007 when Eric and I started talking to each other over JDate. We were both pretty busy and it took us a while to get back to each other. Eric was one of those guys I kept talking to on JDate but never met for “whatever” reason. I was the same person for him. There was “something” that kept us interested in each other but we just never seemed to go on that first date.

Six months later, after numerous, infrequently responded-to emails were sent back and forth, we actually scheduled a time to talk to each other on the phone! After a two hour plus conversation, we finally had our first date planned! We had so much in common it was no wonder we kept stringing each other along. Something…“whatever”…was just there.

On October 23, 2007 we met at the top of the Clarendon Metro Station in Arlington, Virginia. We had a great dinner and when the restaurant closed, we headed to a bar to continue our conversation. Then, around midnight, we realized the last metro had left the station and Eric was stuck with no way home. Oops! Instead of worrying about it, we just kept talking and eventually, at last call, I drove Eric home. I couldn’t make him take a cab!

On October 23, 2008 Eric had me meet him at the top of the Clarendon Metro Station to duplicate our first date on our one year anniversary. He had “Happy Anniversary Elisha” printed on the top of the menu, a rose and a bottle of wine waiting at the table! What a great night; just one of the many romantic ways he continues to surprise me!

But, in order for the next part of our story to makes sense, I must tell you I am a pilot for an airline. In February, almost three years from that very first email, Eric gave me the surprise of a lifetime! I was out-of-town, working a trip that had me spending the night in Oklahoma City. Eric knew this as he can view my schedule online. I got to the hotel, checked in and went to my room. When I got to my door, my key did not work. Little did I know, my return to the front desk in search of a new room key started the wheels turning toward an amazing night!

I finally got into my room, changed out of my uniform and was about to go to the gym before meeting up with a friend for dinner. My hotel phone rang; it was the front desk saying they were sending up two maintenance men to check out my toilet because the room below me had a leak. I didn’t think anything of it and when I was on the phone making plans with my friend for dinner, there was a knock at the door and I let the men in. An older gentlemen and his counterpart went into the bathroom and I continued my conversation. When I finally hung up the phone, I went over to the bathroom to see if they had figured it out.

The older gentlemen came out of the bathroom first and said it wasn’t my bathroom, after all, apologizing and heading to the door. The younger “kid,” in uniform, with his hat worn low and his head down followed him out of the bathroom. The next thing I know, the kid’s hat was on the ground and Eric was on his knee! I was so shocked all I could do was ask 20 questions! How? When? Who? What? Eric couldn’t get his ONE (very important) question out! To shut me up he told me he would answer all my questions later but to just let him talk! It was amazing! Of course, I said YES!

About five minutes later, there was a knock at the door…strawberries and champagne! Following that was an amazing four course meal in the chef’s private dining room and, after dessert, the hotel manager presented us with the room key to the Presidential Suite where rose petals led us to more chocolate covered strawberries and a single red rose at the bedside. There were so many people involved for the entire evening and I had no idea any of it was going on; our friends at home, the entire hotel staff, people at Eric’s office and even people at my company were involved! Breathtaking!

On October 23, 2010, three years from the day we finally met, we were married outside on a beautiful fall evening surrounded by family and friends! We would like to thank JDate for allowing us to “string” each other along for almost six months before we figured out we needed to meet! There was just something there and we are thankful we finally found it. “Oh you got whatever it is!” – Zac Brown Band

Elisha & Eric
Arlington, Virginia 

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