I’m just going to come out with it: many Jewish men tend to be on the, well, shorter side. Look, I didn’t say ALL Jewish men, but at my ripe old age of 30, the majority of the Jewish men I have come across in my life haven’t been tall. I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with that, but just understand that your Jewish boyfriend probably isn’t going to be the next basketball star. If you’re dating a man who is a tad shorter than you might prefer, embrace it! Here’s how.

Put It In Perspective

For starters, in the scheme of things, how tall your boyfriend is isn’t that big of a deal. It’s just height. This is not a deal breaker, ladies. As I type this, I realize it has been a deal breaker for some of my friends, but I don’t necessarily think it should be. If you two have a great relationship and you share common goals and values, are you really going to end it solely due to his height? Sounds kind of ludicrous, no?

Own It

Wear those sky-high heels and own it. Take a cue from Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban. She is most definitely taller than him, especially while trotting down the red carpet in her heels, and she doesn’t seem to care in the least (and neither does he). She owns it. Granted, it’s Keith Urban; that man can do no wrong … but I digress. Be confident, and if you think people are making comments or looking at you funny, who cares? There’s nothing sexier than a confident woman. You got this, girl.

Practice Some Poses

While the height of your beau is not changing, you can alter how you take photos together, at least to a degree. You can change how you stand if you prefer not to tower over your guy in every pic. Yes, posture is important, but maybe you don’t need to stand with perfect posture to the point where you look like you’re two heads taller than him. Stand tall, stand proud, but angle yourself in a way where you’re not facing the camera dead on.

Appreciate His Drive

You know that whole “Napoleon complex” theory? It’s true and valid. Some shorter guys will try to overcompensate for their height, which, granted, isn’t always a good thing, but it also can mean they’re going to work that much harder to prove that their height doesn’t mean a damn thing. Your shorty boyfriend is probably kicking ass at his job, and that is a good thing, indeed.

Borrow From His Closet

As you might be well aware of, the menswear trend has been very popular for a little while now, and it’s certainly not going anywhere anytime soon. Rather than go out to purchase menswear-inspired looks, just walk into your man’s closet and borrow some of his duds. Think about it: if he was tall, you probably couldn’t do that.

Short men can be some of the best men out there. Really! And it’s not just because you can easily take a square cropped Instagram photo without having to cut his head out of it. Embrace the shortness!

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