What happens when a Yankees fan spots a Red Sox fan on JDate? The usual taunting ensues, of course.

Corey, however, was no pushover. Especially as a Red Sox fan living in Yankee country.  When Emily asked, “So, how does a seemingly nice guy from New Jersey end up a Red Sox fan?  I won’t hold it against you, just curious…,” he saw a window of opportunity. There had to be something special about a woman who was confident enough to use that as an introduction. And he was right.

The usual game of Jewish geography took place over wine and tapas for their first date. As it turned out, Corey and Emily had crossed paths before. Almost 15 years before, actually, at Jeff Lakes Day Camp; at the time Emily was still a camper and Corey was on the waterfront staff. A quick check-in with a friend confirmed that it was “Corey from boating, the one with the orange shorts and blue sunglasses.”

Both fans of good wine and good food, Emily and Corey quickly found themselves closing down restaurants and wine bars around Hoboken. And then, their first game at Yankee Stadium. Although the Yankees were playing the Baltimore Orioles, much to Emily’s shock and dismay, Corey still wore his Red Sox jersey. Yes, she was dating “that guy.”  But it was too late to bail. They were already smitten with each other.  Fortunately, they were both fans of the New Jersey Devils. Hockey season could bring them together after a long summer of baseball.

On the train ride home from their first trip to Boston – which, of course, included a game at Fenway Park – they hashed out the most important agreement they’d made between each other yet:  How would they raise children in a house divided by such an historic rivalry? As an attorney, Emily laid it out. Red Sox for Corey during baseball season, Giants for Emily on football Sundays. Hockey season would find them both wearing Devils jerseys. And not being a fan of basketball, Emily agreed to wear the Boston Celtics’ green and white, making Corey quite happy.

With the difficult decisions out of the way, Emily and Corey’s relationship blossomed. She accepted his proposal in June, shortly after moving in together. Their wedding is planned for April 5th, 2014, just in time for the start of baseball season. But first, Corey and his friends will be heading to Ft. Myers, Florida for Red Sox spring training for his bachelor party and to celebrate his 40th birthday.

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Emily and Corey
Hoboken, New Jersey

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  1. That is a beautiful story 🙂 Thanks for sharing! And best of luck, no matter the season or sport 😉

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