During June 2013, I was a newly registered JDater, New-York born, single man that had just moved to New Orleans, LA to pursue a dream. Working in the sports world, I was unable to spend an excess amount of time pursuing meaningful relationships. While browsing profiles of women on JDate, I received an Instant Message request. Extremely curious and unable to view my messages, I made the leap of faith and became a subscriber. This was the first person I would talk to on JDate, and little did I know, I was the first person Emma ever spoke to as well. Not thinking anything would come of it, I began speaking to a woman who (ironically) grew up in the New York Tri-State area, had an interest in sports, and had a love for pizza. What more could a guy ask for? But as luck had it, we had much more in common than just…pizza.

Emma and Brian after the proposal.Speaking for three weeks over text, Facebook and skype, I began to feel my emotions changing; my feelings beginning to evolve and grow. It wasn’t before long that I booked a trip to New York to see my family, hoping and praying I would be able to spend some time with Emma. Fortunate enough for me, both her and I were in the Tri-State area and available to meet. Meeting up in Manhattan on a Friday afternoon only proved what we already knew. Coming back to New Orleans, LA where she had finished her undergraduate degree, Emma and I were able to spend an incredible amount of time together while she began her graduate degree.

A year and a half later, as our love, affection and overall relationship continued to grow, she and I set out for a romantic long-weekend vacation to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. As that Saturday night approached, I had set up a surprise for Emma on the beach. As we were walking on the beach, I got down on one knee and proposed to the woman of my dreams. Little did she know there was a photographer capturing every moment of the proposal. We then came to a walkway with roses and candles set up on the beach leading to a canopy. Underneath the canopy was a table set for two with her two favorite things: pizza and champagne.

As September 4, 2016 approaches, our wedding day, we cannot thank JDate enough for bringing the two of us together!

Emma and Brian
New Orleans, Louisiana

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