After 11 hours and 5 minutes, Isner’s mesmerizing Wimbledon Marathon came to a victorious end.  I cannot even imagine the pure physical exhaustion.  Often, I hear about the same emotional exhaustion from my friends as it relates to dating.  How many more 1st dates must I encounter until I find the last??  Optimistically, spreading the gospel I constantly remind all -“It only takes one” and you just never know where that encounter will take place.  I do truly believe that.  Yet, I more so believe it is a mental/emotional choice each individual makes that they are “ready” to build a relationship.  Of course, attraction needs to be present, but at times that can grow.  As can chemistry.  You may have the endurance like Isner and can juggle 11 dates a week, but when nothing is sticking perhaps the real question is to look at yourself and ask why.  Expectations of people too high?  Are you looking for something that doesn’t exist?  Are you ready?  There will always be another bus around the corner and someone better suited for you that you haven’t met yet, but really isn’t that exhausting… Wouldn’t it be more fun to develop a fun bond of familiarity. Even if  he/she doesn’t become your life partner, substance over quality seems like the real endurance test to me.