Every time I discuss meeting girls online for first or second dates I always discuss the importance of doing something fun.

As many of you know by now, I always encourage a first date to be fun, unique, and entertaining.  On top of this, to fit in games whenever possible.

Women not only love games, but they provide a nice opportunity to flirt.

For this reason I suggest investing in a Nintendo® Wii or an Xbox® Kinect.  To this day I have never met a women who does not smile every time you bring these gaming systems up. 

You will not only have fun with your date, but they also provide you with a great excuse to invite your date upstairs to “hang out” for a little bit longer.  For most men, inviting a date upstairs can be awkward.  It is strange bringing a date inside, only to have nothing to do.

Having one of these systems gives you a reason every time.