For my first post on JDate, I was struggling with what to write and how to write it. I’m not a serial dater (a JDate “veteran”), but I’m not exactly Tim Tebow either. I’m a regular guy who enjoys the normal guy stuff in the fall (AKA I’m glued to the TV watching football from 9 am Saturday morning to 10 pm Sunday night), all the while keeping a steady balance on my computer between the large meat-filled pizzas I ordered from Papa Johns and checking the progress of my 2-3 fantasy leagues that take up much of my production during the 40-hour work week.

However, I’m not a normal guy in that I picked up a small habit that continues to show itself at moments of my occasional boredom with sports – I watch Sex and the City.

I don’t know what brings me to it. Is it the allure of one day being Mr. Big – a big, successful Wall Street financier living in the middle of New York City and having the world (and Carrie Bradshaw) at your fingertips? Or is it Carrie Bradshaw – a sex and relationships columnist who has really helped me to understand the difference between Jimmy Choo and Louis Vuitton?

While the show slightly exaggerates the world of dating, and focuses a little too much on high fashion for my taste (I do not think I’ve seen one of the women wear an actual t-shirt during an episode) I’ve managed to pick up life lessons from Carrie, a woman who while she needs material for her column (as I need material for my blog), struggles to maintain that need for stories with the idea of being in a relationship, as she moves through various men like Aidan, Jack, and Alexander but ultimately quests for that Heisman-Trophy-kind-of-a-man: Mr. Big. Since I’m not much of a math guy (there goes that Jewish stereotype), am I destined for the life of Carrie Bradshaw?

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