People often don’t think about the fact that the woman or man they are talking to belong to a large group of people. This extensive network of people can include family, friends, and professional acquaintances. This excess baggage can have a profound effect on your future relationship with any person.

It is easy to dismiss this fact on a first date. All that you see at the restaurant is a lovely woman. This does not seem so bad at all. What she is not telling you is that her ex-boyfriend is a psychopath and her parents are overprotective. She also has a brother in prison and a baby sister. She routinely goes to the prison several times a week to see her brother. When not at prison, she is busy taking care of her baby sister, who is quite literally a baby. Her parents are notorious hoarders, and cannot take care of the baby by themselves

Also, you are not thinking about this woman’s extensive network of friends. Her best friend lives in Canada and they put aside an hour every night to talk on Skype®. Your date’s roommate is a man with an on again off again relationship with her. You will meet him whenever she invites you over to her place. That is going to be an inevitable nightmare.

Since she is a dog person, she owns five Rottweilers who live in her apartment. She has a restraining order against two other ex-boyfriends that are both in love with her. You do not know this yet, but once you are in a deeper relationship with this woman, you will be forced to deal with these two men as they constantly try to reconnect with your girlfriend.

If no man is an island, then no woman is an islet.