Get an Extreme Profile Makeover

Tamar Caspi Shnall is giving online profile makeovers. Today she’s tweaking the profile for “Amanda.”


Hi Amanda,

I strongly, strongly suggest you pick an actual username rather than using your member number. Your name offers you many ways to use a play on words to craft something really cute: LookingForAmanda (you’re looking for a man and the men should be looking for Amanda, get it?) or AmandaNeedsAManDuh or BeMandysMan and so on. When you have a name that can be capitalized on, then there’s absolutely no reason why you should have a number as your profile.

Your photos are simply not strong enough. The one in the hat is cute, but as a thumbnail I thought you were an orthodox Jew. You have to look at your own profile subjectively to see how others will view it — log out and then use the free search to see how your thumbnail photo appears.  Plus, it’s your side profile which means it should be a supplementary photo and not your main photo (other JDaters should remember this as well)!

The black and white photo is cute, and shows your great smile, but it’s also not a head-on photo (pardon the pun) which means it also should be delegated a supportive photo. And your only other photo shows you doing something active, which is great, except by wearing sunglasses and a hat, we literally can’t see any defining facial features. I strongly recommend you do the following:

  1. Find or take a photo of yourself looking straight on into the camera
  2. Add a full length photo. It doesn’t matter what “body style” you are, just that you are confident enough to include a photo of yourself in your profile.

The “In My Own Words” section is a bit sparse except for the “About Me” essay. I like what you wrote, but I would elaborate on the expression you quote in the beginning. If someone has to stop and think about a line and reread it a few times to grasp it, and then there’s no explanation to how you fit said quote, it becomes more of a distraction then anything else. The rest of your “About Me” is great! I like how you ask a question at the end — although I would limit it to one question (the second one) and leave it at that. You don’t necessarily have to expand upon the answers you have in the rest of this section, except for the section “My Perfect First Date.” That needs more than two words. None of the questions that JDate asks should be ignored or given the “easy” answer.

Finally, I would expand upon your age range a bit. Compromise between your current maximum age and ten years older than you. For you, that would mean 38 should be your max age.

In all, I think adding more photos which consistently and truly show your face, your body and your personality, will attract many more men who will do more than just click on your profile and move on because they probably are not even bothering to read what is overall a solidly-written profile.

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