Get an Extreme Profile Makeover

Tamar Caspi Shnall is giving online profile makeovers. This week she’s tweaking the profile for “Mara M.”


Hi Mara,

The first glaring issue with your profile is your main photo. Because it’s small and low-resolution, it’s very difficult to see your face. I can tell that you have a great smile though! Also, every other photo shows you with someone else — even though you haven’t yet established what you look like in order to allow your prospects to concentrate on you or even distinguish which person you are in the photo.

First, get a higher resolution photo for your profile photo of you alone. In fact, have 3-4 of you alone, and then choose 2-3 pics of you with others (if you must). I like the dog photo, especially since you talk about your beloved rescue pup a lot. I would keep the second photo as a supplemental photo as it again shows off your great smile. I would eliminate the photo of you in costume at a race as I can’t even tell which one is you. A lot of your photos are also dark, so try and take more with better lighting or outside somewhere. I see that you wear your hair straight and curly, that’s fine, just have a few pictures of each hairstyle so people can see the consistency in your face.

All of your “In My Own Words” answers are great, just reread them again with fresh eyes to catch the few grammar errors that affect the flow. Your “Ideal Match” options are probably not helping your search for your Beshert. You are open to a man much younger than you, which is awesome, but I strongly recommend you be open to a man 10 years your senior too. I know a 51-year-old man I think you’d hit it off with, and I know he’s open to having more children — but since you selected such a low maximum age, you would never even consider him! Also, you may want to consider putting “not sure” or “it doesn’t matter” under “wants kids,” but it’s simply the reality of your situation!

Fixing your photos and changing your mindset regarding the age question will make all the difference.

Good Luck!

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