I often talk about how my hubby and I are polar opposites. In food and in life. And at the pizza shop.

He is a crazy connoisseur of all things pizza and has his favorite shops and favorite toppings, and even knows exactly where and when to show up for the freshest out-of-the-oven-pie and best selection! He likes plain, Sicilian and Chicago. He likes ziti, onion rings, spicy fries and falafel balls ON (yes, you read right, ON!) his pizza. He also douses his pizza in tahini.

Now I guess it’s not really fair to say we don’t have the same taste at the pizza place. I do like and eat everything as stated above — save for the tahina. I only use it when I am down to my crust because tahina and cheese just irks me out. But, I like tons more toppings that he wont even touch.  Fried eggplant, caramelized onions, mushrooms, mushrooms and more mushrooms! Plus, a whole-wheat-cheese-less-salad-slice will do me right when I am “watching” what I eat. Hubby is slightly offended by all this pizza heresy… and I am just plain sad because it keeps us from ordering lots of slices to share.

Butternut Squash Pizza Recipe

BUtternut Squash Pizza
Butternut Squash Pizza via JOY of KOSHER

This Butternut Squash and Arugula Pizza though is thankfully all mine. I am not sharing, and I am happy it’s so not Hubby’s thing because it is so special and spicy and savory and sweet and serves my party for 1 just perfectly! The goat cheese is creamy, and the fresh arugula adds a nice peppery bite to this masterpiece. You can sub in pumpkin or sweet potato for the squash, ricotta for the goat cheese and can add caramelized red onions if you are so inclined.

Margherita Pizza with Pesto Pasta Salad Recipe

Pizza and Pasta
Margherita Pizza with Pesto-Pasta-Salad via JOY of KOSHER

If you or your other half is like hubby, I recommend you make my Margherita Pizza. If you want to learn to make your own pizza dough (the best I ever had), watch my Perfect Pizza Dough Video. Making your own pizza is a really fun date night activity and now you have two pizza recipes to try.

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Jamie Geller is the only best-selling cookbook author who wants to get you out of the kitchen – not because she doesn’t love food – but because she has tons to do. As “The Bride Who Knew Nothing” Jamie found her niche specializing in fast, fresh, family recipes. Now the “Queen of Kosher” (CBS) and the “Jewish Rachael Ray” (New York Times), she’s the creative force behind JoyofKosher.com and “Joy of Kosher with Jamie Geller” magazine. Jamie and her hubby live in Israel with their six busy kids who give her plenty of reasons to get out of the kitchen – quickly. Check out her website, JOYofKOSHER.com, the number 1 Jewish food site.

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