You’re wearing THAT? I love people watching and am shocked time and time again when I see people who are on what is obviously a first or second date dressed totally inappropriately. I was even on a few of those dates myself back in the day. I was meeting one guy for lunch on the beach in the middle of the summer and he arrived wearing a ratty t-shirt with the sleeves ripped off and board shorts. The board shorts could be excused, I had my bikini on underneath my sundress after all, but the shirt was not acceptable. I was able to get past it because the date itself went really well but it was not a good first impression. It showed he made no effort whatsoever to get dressed for our date. It wasn’t even the sleeveless part, it was the rattiness and rips that were a turnoff.

Other times I see women wearing clothes meant for a night club or better yet, meant for the bedroom. One of my favorite sayings is that a man wants “a woman in the streets and a freak in the sheets.” Save the short, sheer, skimpy skirts and dresses for a sexy night at home. Another of my favorite sayings is “less is more.” The less skin you show the sexier it is. I don’t mean covering yourself from head to toe, just to show one fabulous body part at a time. Either highlight your long legs or your toned arms or your fabulous cleavage, just not all 3 at the same time.

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