A lot of people have fears: flying, heights, spiders & snakes, and deep waters. A relationship can force you to face your fears and when you’re in a healthy relationship you will face them with a trusted partner to hold your hand. Be it taking your first flight or skydiving, petting a snake or holding a spider, snorkeling, or, the biggie… commitment. So many people have a fear of commitment. For some it’s a “fake” fear because they’re more afraid of the unknown while others are completely frightened of spending the rest of their life with just one someone, trusting someone else completely and being vulnerable. How sweet is it to be able to squeeze the hand of your loved one as you face your fear, whether that hand is real or symbolic?  It is an experience to have together which will bond you and allow you to be dependent upon someone to help you get through a phobia. There’s no better way to overcome a fear of commitment than to overcome another fear together – it gives you the opportunity to be vulnerable, it forces you to trust and it hopefully makes you want to continue to face other obstacles in the future.

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