You are on a great date with a great guy… he arrives bearing what is obviously a very expensive bouquet of flowers and takes you to an incredibly nice restaurant where he orders a pricey bottle of wine and encourages you to order a four course meal along with him. After paying for what can only be suspected as being a bill far into the triple digits, he takes you home and proceeds to kiss you good night. It was a perfect date. So why do you feel so cheap?

Is it because you’re a successful woman with a good career who has no problem paying for her own dinner or is it because you feel like you should be doing something in return? The man is probably — hopefully — considering it money well spent if it means another date with you and leading towards something more. If he wasn’t into you then the date would have consisted of the flowers (since he bought them and brought them before getting to know you) and a one course meal and no wine. If a man is trying to prolong the end of the date and is willing to shell out for it, then you shouldn’t feel cheap unless you didn’t like him from the get-go but allowed him to spend the big bucks anyway.

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