Dear Gems from Jen,
There is a man who has expressed interest in me and it is mutual. We were about to meet, but a family member (grandchild) got sick and now our meeting is on hold. We still email and talk, but less often. I often see him online–sometimes he writes to me, other times he does not. Sometimes he replies to my notes, other times he does not. I really believe he is interested in me, but obviously he is interested in many other women too, since the ” last log on” info is rather frequent. I just do not know what to do. Please help.
-Figuring Out Men
Dear Figuring Out Men,
I think the first step is to realize why people are using JDate.  We are all here to meet potential dating partners. This does not necessarily mean everyone using the site is looking for a committed relationship or that when they begin to correspond with someone through the site that they will cease all contact with other potential matches. 
It sounds to me like this man is interested in meeting; however, life sometimes gets in the way as it did with your missed first date. The two of you have yet to meet, so my best guess is he is not ready to commit to just corresponding with only you. How often are you sending him notes? If he is only responding some of the time, then this should be your first clue. Now, don’t get me wrong he could be busy, but writing him over and over might be part of the problem here. Let him reach out and be the one to reschedule the first date. Your answer will be found this way. If he does pursue a first date, then great, he is interested. If he does not make an attempt to reschedule, then it is time to cut your losses and find someone who is willing to have a first date with you.
Gems from Jen