If you are stuck in an online dating rut, you might not even be aware that one of the happiest days of the year is around the corner. Sundown on July 21st marks the beginning of the Jewish holiday of love: Tu B’Av. The day originally signified the beginning of the grape harvest, and was a day where single women would dress in white and dance in the vineyards in the hopes of snagging a husband.

In modern times, if it is observed at all, it has been regarded as the Jewish version of Valentine’s Day. But it’s much more special than that. First, greeting card companies and florists haven’t yet adopted the holiday so you don’t have the pressure to find a date and buy them expensive gifts. Instead, the holiday is more of a celebration of singlehood. Here are seven clever ways for an online dater to celebrate the holiday.

1. Go to a White Party

Diddy was hardly the first to stylize his parties in this way. The Jewish people have been doing it for centuries, and somewhere in town Jews will be rockin’ the house in their snappy, all-white attire.

2. Do a Clothing Swap

On Tu B’Av, the women used to borrow dresses from one another so the men could not tell the ‘haves’ from the ‘have-nots.’ Say you’re observing the holiday so you can get ahold of that amazing pair of designer shoes in your roommate’s closet.

3. Send Tu B’Av Greetings

This is the perfect time to send the message to that JDater you’ve had your eye on. Wish them a happy Tu B’Av and ask if they would like to check you out in your white-hot new outfit!

4. Fill Up Your Cup… Mazel Tov!

Since this holiday marks the grape harvest, why not celebrate with a glass of wine and make a toast for the season’s blessing.

5. Gather With Friends

Although Tu B’Av is traditionally an acknowledgment of love between husband and wife, it’s still a perfect time to get together with the people you love… even if it’s platonic.

6. Crash That Wedding

Tu B’Av has become one of the most popular and auspicious wedding days of the year. If you didn’t get an invite, pop into a JCC or hotel that seems to be hopping and grab yourself a plate. They can’t be mad at you on the day of love!

7. Tell Someone You Love Them

If you’ve been waiting to move your relationship to the next level, Tu B’Av gives you the perfect reason to pop the girlfriend/boyfriend question. If they are not ready, you can just say the power of the Talmud made you do it.

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