People are very complicated, which means that some people might connect with a person one way, while others might connect with that same person in a completely different way. Additionally, our ideologies, belief systems, standards and priorities further cloud the picture and make it difficult for me to believe that there is only one perfect match for everyone.

In our society today someone could very easily fall in love with another person who doesn’t share their same race or religion, which to some people might not be a problem, but to others it can be the sole reason behind a break up. While there is absolutely nothing wrong with falling in love with someone of a different race or religion, if finding someone you share those things in common with is important then you need to find ways to increase your opportunities to meet people.

One way that people of the Jewish faith who are interested in marrying someone Jewish can increase this likelihood is by joining JDate. Other than meeting people at Hillel or through Jewish friends the chances that you will meet a Jewish person in a bar or at work are completely random.

While other dating sites try to help users find someone who is their most ideal match, and therefore have the highest chance of falling in love with, if you are like me and believe that there is more than one “right” person for everyone, this doesn’t necessarily mean that the person they find for you will be the same race or religion. JDate helps Jews who are looking to date people within the faith, find not only the right person for them but, more importantly, the right Jewish person. For some people, including myself, this is an important service to have.