If your on-the-job relationship is like Grey’s Anatomy, where the employees are incestuous and the relationships are literally bleeding into your job, then you may need to rethink dating a co-worker. We all like the idea of being that sweet couple that carpools to work and meets for lunch and steals secret kisses in the hallway, but most of us won’t be in one of those relationships. Spending time with your loved one at home and at work  is overkill and you are going to start getting on each other’s nerves and that will start to affect your work. Alas, if you aren’t in the same department it might work. Or if you’ve been dating long enough that you’re past all of the b.s. and now work in the same office then it might work. But if you see a coworker on JDate think about the worst case scenario before you get too excited about the fellow MOT being single. That person may be better as a wingman and bestie. It could be beshert, but just think it through first (and double check your company’s fraternizing rules).

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