Hear ye!  I have a proposal involving all members of JDate.  When you read this, please keep an open mind.

Okay.  Here we go.  I think that once a year everybody on JDate should say and act in real life the same way they do online.  For example, instead of using the ‘Search’ feature, members should literally go door-to-door and assess each person that answers.  I realize that this may work better in more densely populated Jewish areas like Israel or New York City and so, therefore, you must first ask the respondent’s religious persuasion.  This will likely offend almost everybody.  Next, if their persuasion is of your liking, you must then read from a prompt.  Following is a prototype:

“Hello. My name is (insert username).  (Look at the person).  Now that I have visual confirmation, I will proceed with my next set of questions.  Now, please hand me at least four photographs of yourself.  I will use them to analyze whether or not further conversation is necessary.”

If you are still interested say, “I generally like your photographs.  May I ask your age, please?  Also, please give me a short description about yourself.  Telling me your physical characteristics is moot as I am looking you in the eyes right now.  Please do tell me of your ideal relationship as well as your past relationships.  What have you learned from them?  Also, what does your perfect first date consist of?”

If all goes well, finish with, “Thank you for your time regarding my interest in dating you.  Please give me your phone number and email address so that we can continue conversing in a normal matter such as this.”