We all make instant judgments about people in the real world, or what passes itself off as “real.” Whether those first impressions prove to be accurate is a whole other issue. We also make instant judgments in the cyber world, when it comes to assessing a person’s profile. Where do your eyes initially take you when you scan a potential JDate? Aside from their pictures. I take in the economy of words.

If they sound down to earth – if they ’re looking for the basic stuff, a connection, and imply the rest will take care of itself, I stay put. If they’re ordering up a smorgasbord of must haves, I think “high maintenance.” If that person also happens to be divorced, I wonder, “did she leave the last guy because he didn’t deliver on this list? And/or did he leave her because she was too demanding?”

Simplistic generalizations that may not be accurate, maybe. But when it comes to wish lists, at least till we meet, I’m thinking less is more. Back to their pictures. If there are other people in them not gazing at handheld devices, you might ask her to post some from this century.

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