Remember the Sabbath Day to keep it holy (Zachor et yom HaShabbat l’kadsho – Exodus 20:8). This commandment alludes to all the positive mitzvot of Shabbat, such as reciting kiddush, eating a festive meal, etc. But “Remembering Shabbat” also refers to the constant focus of the Jewish people on Shabbat – underscored by the fact that in Hebrew the days of the week are called: The First Day of Shabbat, The Second Day of Shabbat, The Third Day of Shabbat….Shabbat. The days of the week count up to Shabbat, just as Jews spend their week looking forward to, and preparing for, Shabbat.

Jewish Treats therefore presents five things that you can do during the work week to prepare for Shabbat:

Monday–Dry Cleaning – Sounds mundane, but it is customary to wear nicer clothes in honor of Shabbat. Finding stains on Thursday can add unnecessary stress to the end of the week.

Tuesday–Invite Guests/Make Plans* – Whether you plan to host or to be hosted, it’s good to make arrangements early in the week.

Wednesday–Food – Shopping on Wednesday leaves ample time for special Shabbat food preparation.

ThursdayParasha Prep – Take a few minutes to review the week’s parasha (Torah portion) so that you will have an interesting D’var Torah to share at the Shabbat table.

Friday–Table Setting – Set the table early in the day so that the aura of Shabbat is apparent to all who enter.

*Look ahead to March 7, 2014, and make plans to attend Shabbat Across America and Canada at a location near you.

This Treat was last posted on February 26, 2013.

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