Whether you are newly single or have just taken a break from dating, it can be difficult to put yourself back on the scene.  You know it’s important to keep meeting new people, and you keep meaning to renew your membership.  But it’s easy to allow work and other obligations to delay logging into JDate.

Your family and friends have once again reminded you about all the couples you know who met on the website.  You probably noticed some very attractive daters when you recently browsed your matches.  And yes, there’s a strong chance that the cutie whose profile made you laugh is hoping you’ll soon send a message. 

You’ve run out of excuses not to sign up, but if you still need a final nudge into the dating pool, try this movie regime that will have you flirting with potential partners just in time for Saturday night.  These films will remind you that love may only be a click away, but you won’t find it unless you login.

Here’s the screening schedule that will put you in the mood to click:

Monday – “He’s Just Not That Into You” (2009): Drew Barrymore’s character was an online dater in the comedy based on the book by the same name.  Her character didn’t form an online match, but by putting herself out there and being open to meeting several men, she avoided fixating on just one guy who wasn’t interested.  If you’re patient, you’ll find someone special who only has eyes for you.

Tuesday – “Because I Said So” (2007): Diane Keaton plays a meddling mom to a single Mandy Moore.  When this mom places an online personal ad to find her daughter a boyfriend, she meets two eligible bachelors.  The daughter is then forced to choose between two handsome suitors. Does this sound like a nice problem?  Update your profile to find out how quickly you can fill your dating calendar.

Wednesday – “Drive Me Crazy” (1999): Melissa Joan Hart and Adrian Grenier are the stars of this fun teen romance, but Grenier’s shy friend is the one who scores a beautiful date to the dance by chatting with his mystery girl online.  It’s a story that just might inspire you to take advantage of the JDate IM.

Thursday – “Must Love Dogs” (2005): Diane Lane experiences the highest high of online dating (meeting her dreamy match played by John Cusack) and the most hilarious low (accidently responding to a personal ad written by her own father!) in this sweet love story.  The lesson learned is that it’s never too late for love.  Even if your last relationship failed, you can still find romantic success.   

Friday – “You’ve Got Mail” (1998): Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks star in this witty romantic tale about two NY business rivals who unknowingly connect with each other in a chat room.  Although a perfect match, this pair had to cross paths in the virtual world to feel comfortable getting to know each other.  Plus, this film will remind you of how exciting it is to receive mail from an attractive match  —  you’ll be eager to check your inbox by the credits.      

Check out the Success Stories for even more motivation to start communicating with your matches today. 

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