My girlfriend met a guy three months ago and they got serious really quickly. I had my doubts, but they were spending a lot of time together and he seemed loyal and dedicated, so I dropped my doubts. When he invited her to attend his sister’s wedding as his date I was really happy for her. They had only been together six weeks, but it is a huge step to ask someone to accompany them to a major family event. And then he broke up with her 2 days before the wedding.

A week later he came back and she took him back. He said he had just freaked out by the seriousness of it all and wanted to be with her. She forgave him and gave him a second chance. All was right in their world and even her friends, me included, were impressed with his insight, apology and acts of love. As her birthday approached he was busy making plans and she was totally enamored once again as their relationship was getting more and more serious.

And then he broke up with her right before her birthday. Yup, it happened again. The first time she could say “fool me once, shame on you” but if she forgave him a second time then it would be shame on her. Luckily, she knew that you don’t forgive the same bad act twice and didn’t even think about reconciling. And luckily she has a lot of really good friends who swooped in and made sure she had the best time celebrating her birthday!

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