When thinking about what you want in a mate, most people will say they want someone successful because let’s face it, no one wants to be poor. Many people in this economy aren’t making a ton of money or have found themselves earning unemployment, whilst staring at their multiple degrees hanging on the wall. A lot of these people have decided to use this opportunity to follow their dreams and do something they love, which may not mean making a lot of money right away. In fact, they are probably struggling, BUT they are waking up in the morning looking forward to the day because they love what they’re doing and don’t see it as “work.” Wouldn’t you rather be married to someone who loves what they do for a living – even if that living is paltry – rather than someone who kvetches about their boss all day and isn’t passionate about the place where they spend 9 hours of their day? Being “successful” can mean many things – don’t let it mean actual cold, hard cash but rather enjoying life with a healthy family and good friends.

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