JDate is a privilege, and one that you a few to use.  Our mothers and fathers probably didn’t have this tool at their disposal when they chose their spouse, whom together gave birth to you.  If they had something like JDate, they probably would have found someone that was better for them.  As a result, they would have produced someone like you, only better.  You have no idea how much better you could have been.  Though they can’t re-produce you, you can still make the world a better place by using this site to find the perfect mate.

Say your parents met while in college, because they probably did.  When courting one another, they did not have an “About Me” that they could read before meeting.  Instead of being able to read “Physical Info,” they had to actually look at each other in person while simultaneously assessing their compatibility.  This is nearly impossible to do.  They had to simply assume that their opposite had a similar “Ideal Relationship” and that their “Past Relationships” taught them valuable life lessons that they would take with them to the next relationship.  Who knew what the other person’s “Perfect First Date” was like?  Maybe they had no “Perfect First Date” because they were yet to go on it.

Their first conversation probably took place in person.  This can be very intimidating and awkward.  A first conversation can potentially make or break a relationship.  On JDate, you can think about what to say before typing it in.  This removes mistakes caused by nervousness and being ‘in the moment.’  People can talk to people that they would never approach in real life.  It is much easier to approach women/men while in the comfort of solitude than in the stress-inducing real world.  If the conversation doesn’t work out, instead of having to sit through the rest of lunch awkwardly, you can simply close the IM box after saying goodbye.