Dear JDate,

cont-mt-fran-michaelAs fifty-ish single people, we faced challenges in meeting people. Mike and I teased each other the same week, met last December and have been together ever since.

It has been a great year in that Mike’s divorce became final, our careers continued in high gear (he is a doctor, and I am a sales manager), and we joined forces in sharing our families and friends. Mike just bought a beautiful home for us, and I will join him there later this year. We have traveled all over the country for business and pleasure and will go to Alaska in June. Our motto is live, laugh and love. Tonight we will celebrate our first New Year’s together, and we are so happy about the prospects for 2004.

I encourage all doubting people to give it a shot. Keep at it because you never know when you will find the love of your life right around the corner.

Here is our happy photo.

Thanks JDate!

Fran & Michael
Clinton and Worcester, Massachusetts

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