He Took Her Hand to Cross the Street…and That Was It.

Alex and Francine were together for three and a half years before tying the knot in a beautiful beach ceremony in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic this past April.

Something Francine wrote in her profile on JDate clued Alex in that she was the diamond in the rough he was searching for, so he chose to send her a Flirt. Francine was concerned about their age difference of five years, but was impressed with the way Alex’s profile was written; his good looks didn’t hurt either.

To speed up the process, Francine sent him an IM (which was left unanswered because Alex likes to leave his computer on even when he leaves the room). Normally, that would have been the end of it, if Alex hadn’t kept checking out Francine’s profile over the next couple of days. Francine’s membership was about to expire, and being the intelligent woman that she is, she figured out how to find him on MySpace.

Knowing just a few pertinent details about him from his JDate profile was enough to find him and write the following email: “Please don’t think I’m shady, but I assumed you don’t have a membership on JDate, hence the very ‘creative’ Flirt. I figured there’d be a chance you had a MySpace and, sure enough, you do. Apparently, you’re the only 25 year-old Jew in Tujunga. So, if I haven’t freaked you out, feel free to write back, in your own words this time.”

Many guys would have been scared off by Francine’s stalking abilities but, instead, Alex was impressed by Francine’s intelligence and chutzpah. He replied with: “Hi Francine, you stalker you! Correct, I don’t have a paying JDate membership…Good job finding a way to reach me ;)”

They chatted online for a few days, talked on the phone for a few more and, from the time of their very first official date, they knew they had both found someone extremely special.

It was when he took her hand to cross the street on their very first date, October 13th, 2007, that she knew he was the one. And when he got down on one knee atop Mammoth Mountain while wearing his helmet-cam to capture it all on camera, telling her that he wanted to grow old with her, the deal was sealed.

Francine and Alex
Sunland, California 

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