Frani and Raul

Dear JDate,

It was on August 16, 2006 when a Click! Alert led to something that I really had not expected – the chance to be in the most wonderful, fun and loving relationship ever! Raul and I both agreed that we thought we’d Click! together and so we both decided to hide our profiles. The funny thing is that when Raul first emailed me I didn’t email him back right away. I was at the point where I wasn’t sure if I wanted to meet anyone else on the site because after some not-so-great experiences, I didn’t think I was meeting the right people. I had decided to take a break from actively meeting others from the site and was being somewhat guarded.Frani+&+Raul+1

Around the same time, someone where I worked just happened to say that he thought his cousin was also on JDate and that he had been interested in meeting me. Well, his cousin just happened to be Raul! He promised that I’d really like him and that we’d have fun, so he encouraged me to give this last one a chance. So I agreed to meet him for a brief meeting (with no expectations on my part) and when we did meet, we immediately agreed to go out the next night for dinner. We had so much fun and were really so much at ease. After that first date, we were going out almost every night we could and were on the phone with each other several times each day. Raul was such a gentleman, easy-going, flexible and just seemed happy to hear from me regardless (now he jokes about my “three-word email responses” from back then!). I feel like our being together was meant to be and I’m so glad I didn’t miss out on meeting him. My advice to others is that something great will come along when you least expect it, so don’t give up!Frani+&+Raul+3

We have such a wonderful family now including his two grown kids, my two kids and our two dogs! We seem to click well as a couple. We both feel very strongly that the secret to a happy relationship is compromise and full agreement. We believe we should always be very happy in all our decisions together, big and small.

We were recently married on October 11, 2009.

 Thank you!

Frances and Raul
Cincinnati, Ohio

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  1. Amen to Carol’s bracha! You two remind us of the lesson “Nothing ventured, nothing gained.” It only takes being open to meet the right one! May we all find that one soon!

  2. Great story , inspired me to keep looking, even though it feels like a hopeless endeavor. Mazel tov! You look so happy together.

  3. It’s “interesting” though that she was ready to give up due to not-so-great results, but someone she knew just happened to mention Rual. It was not a random “lucky” search on JDate.

  4. I wish you much happiness – mazel tov! But I agree with Susan that this was not a random Jdate connection. Although anything is possible-this was more like an introduction and coincidentally your basherte happened to have also attempted to contact you through Jdate.

  5. Eileen and Susan: True, she agreed to meet Raul after hearing a personal recommendation, but it sounds as if this happened because she and Raul’s cousin were talking about Jdate, not about someone’s spontaneous initiative to fix her up with Raul.

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