I’ve never seen so much hating at singles events. I was covering an event the other night and a girl was going around hugging up on different male friends of hers, while they were talking to women. The women clearly thought they were a couple and excused themselves. I actually overheard the woman say “and I’m here with him!” before flitting off to another guy who she introduced as her boyfriend. I’m not sure if she was conscious that she was cock-blocking but neither her guy friends nor the women were none too thrilled. Later I saw women gossiping and giving the evil eye to other women. They were being snarky. And the men were noticing and getting completely turned off by their immaturity.

Listen ladies: you don’ t need to be friends with every other woman, but you don’t have to be enemies either. It’s why the term “frenemies” was created – smile and pretend to like everyone because your behavior says a lot about you. You don’t want to appear jealous or insecure or catty. Wait until you leave and are in the car driving home with your girlfriends to unleash, if need be. But while you’re at a singles event or on a date, refrain from talking badly, giving the evil eye or gossiping. Lashon hora is not a flattering look.

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  1. Lashon hara. The other is a dance. Not unlike the one you described.

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