Look, dating can feel monotonous. Drinks and dinner, drinks and dinner, drinks and dinner … how many drinks and meals can one couple consume, right? One easy way to spruce up your date nights is to split the work. You plan half the evening (or day), and your partner plans the other half. That way, both of you will be involved, and both will be in for surprises.

Here are some ideas for you and your significant other the next time you want to split the date-planning responsibilities and have a more unique day or evening:

  • Progressive Evening: Start with a drink at one place, then move to different restaurants for each course: appetizer, entree, dessert and after-dinner drinks.
  • Active Evening: Go on a sunset kayak or sail followed by bowling, miniature golf or a walk around the park.
  • Old School Evening: Hit up the roller rink, catch a drive-in movie (or a movie at an old theater), then go to a diner for ice cream floats.
  • Musical Evening: See a live show at a dinner theater or a musical. Then, belt out tunes at karaoke.
  • Movie Night: Watch multiple movies (you pick two, he/she picks two) with lots of popcorn and wine, of course.
  • Artsy Night: Get artsy with careful strokes at Pinot’s Palette (or somewhere similar) then go for the splatter effect with a paintball fight.
  • Cultural Night: You pick a museum, then your boo picks a museum (with snacks and drinks in between).
  • Game Night: You pick two games to play, then your SO picks two games to play.
  • Get Physical: Take your girlfriend or boyfriend to your favorite gym class, then let them take you to theirs.
  • Amusement Park: Be a kid again and go to an amusement park to ride all the rides. You can pick half of them, and he or she picks the other half.
  • Cook And Eat: Take a cooking class, and then go home and cook an entire meal together. You pick the appetizer and entree, while your better half picks the side dishes and dessert.
  • Be A Tourist: Play tourist in your city. You pick a few fun tourist spots, and your SO comes up with a few other ideas.
  • Local Road Trip: You drive the first half of the trip, and pick places to stop along the way, while he/she drives on the way back.
  • Relaxation Day And Night: Start at a spa and end with a cozy night at home. You pick the spa services, and your sweetie gets to pick some relaxing activities to enjoy at home.
  • Disconnect: Go the entire day without being on your phones or social media. Completely disconnect and spend the whole day focusing on each other. Take a few hours in the middle of the day to part ways, freshen up, change, and get excited for date #2 within the same day, still with no phones.

Dating can really be so much fun, even if you’re in a long-term relationship. Coming up with unique and different date ideas can jazz things up in a big way, so take turns planning dates and split the responsibilities. There are so many options out there; just get a little creative! Even if it’s something you wouldn’t typically do, step out of your comfort zone and have a blast.

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