Everyone has that friend whom you think of as “just a friend.” They accompany you out, you grab a bite to eat, you laugh, you’re there for each other, but for some reason you just don’t look at each other as anything more than a friend. You have the same values, are both single and are both looking. You get along fabulously, you enjoy each other’s company and you sometimes feel a little jealous when your friend introduces you to their latest date.

Have you ever attempted a romance with this friend? Have you ever looked at this friend with anything more than amiable feelings? Everyone has this vision of who they think they want, but when you have this amazing friendship with someone you trust then why not at least even consider the idea for a fleeting second? He or she may not have the exact physical attributes that you believe you want, but oftentimes attraction grows out of connection. If there isn’t any chemistry, then ignore this notion and don’t risk the friendship.

But if you can possibly see something really spectacular coming out of the relationship then make a few suggestive gestures. Touch his or her arm when you laugh, make eye contact and smile, linger a bit longer when you hug hello and goodbye, and see if any of it is reciprocated. Then, before it goes any further, talk about it. It could be the biggest risk you ever took resulting in the biggest reward.

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