Let’s face it; we are all on JDate to meet potential romantic partners. But what happens in the interim? My guess is close friendships are also missing from some of our lives. As our friends get married, move out of town, have children, etc., we are losing these people from our everyday lives. None of us are in high school and some of us are past the college years. I know for myself that friendships have become stronger, but I have fewer friends than I did in my twenties.  People get busy with their own lives and we singles are at times left to fend for ourselves. We all need that one good friend who just “gets us.” For some, that person is no longer available.
How does one make friends once the potential friendship markets are no longer within our reach? Work? Temple? Social Groups? Charity Organizations? 
I am asking you, the JDate blog readers, to help me answer this question. What are your suggestions for making new close friends?  Not just casual acquaintances, but real genuine friends. Please leave your comments- you will not only be helping me, but all of the JDate members who are struggling with this dilemma as well.