Everyone has that friend — that one who has always only been platonic but that you have mad chemistry with. You “don’t like each other like that” but other people think that you’re secretly hooking up because you guys have that spark when you’re together. You have an easy rapport, you finish each other’s sentences, you laugh at inside jokes and you are each other’s plus one to weddings where you have THE BEST time dancing until dawn. But you’re just friends. That’s all fine and dandy, but how in the world are you going to meet your Beshert when you have this amazing friend with you all the time? Everyone is going to think you’re a couple. You have to make sure you go out with same sex friends sometimes to up your chances of meeting someone. It’s really nice to have a really good friend of the opposite sex, but once you do meet your Beshert that friendship is going to have to adjust to fit into a new space. Start now.

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