Being on JDate is great. Being active on JDate is better. But you can increase your chances of meeting your Beshert by getting out there. Sitting behind a screen is not enough — you have to get out there. Just as only going out isn’t enough — you need to be on JDate too. It’s easy and comfortable to be able to sit home in your jammies browsing JDate, but it’s much more difficult to get it together and put yourself out there. I know way too many people who are only on JDate, but think they’re too good for the Jewish events. That makes no sense to me!

Think about it like a job interview — if you had an opportunity to land your dream job, you would do absolutely everything you could to get it, right? You would apply, secure awesome letters of reference and write a stunning resume, you would appear sharp at the interview, write a thank you letter, network, make contacts, follow-up, and so on. Why wouldn’t you do that to find the person you want to spend the rest of your life with?

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