I know the feeling believe me.  Getting over an ex, especially a long term relationship is tough.  And I have been there.

While there is no easy solution to getting over this, one thing is for sure: Online dating is a savior for modern times that makes the process a thousand times easier than it once was.

Think about all the benefits that online dating provides.

For starters, the best way to move on is to meet someone new.  With online dating we can begin the process as soon as we are emotionally ready.

Which brings us to my second point.  In the past it was so much tougher getting out of a relationship because you never knew the next time you were going to meet someone again.  There was just no way of knowing when the next opportunity would arrive.

With online dating opportunity is there whenever we turn on the computer.

But perhaps most importantly, online dating will keep us busy and our minds off self-sorrow.

For all these reasons, use online dating when going through this pain.  The benefits are outstanding.